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Photo by Suzy Kellems Dominik, Of Wit and Will

Homemade Shell Necklace


Found Treasure: Structure a necklace of found objects from the sea shore. Preplanning required: time to hunt for treasure, one handheld electric drill (Dremel Stylus), charged, with multiple drill bits, thin laces of leather (gold, silver, natural) or twine, small scissors, and of course, shells, bits of driftwood, any found object your imagination will consider. My advice – make your creation on the spot, the shells will just sit if you wait. And choose from a book of knots, a knot you can call your own! (Read The Ashley Book of Knots, Clifford W. Ashley, 1944, or Decorative Fusion Knots, J.D. Lenzen, 2011).

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