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How to Dress Comfortably on Turkey Day


Do we even have to say this? Leave the skinny jeans in the closet on November 22nd. The average person eats 3,000 – 3,500 calories during the Thanksgiving meal. It’s hard to remember to feel thankful for all this bounty when your expanding waistline is straining against your immovable waistband. And no. You are not allowed to unbutton your top button – even when you’re with close family.

So what do you do? There are some stylish options, both casual and dressy that are perfect for this day of over-indulgence. It all depends on the kind of ambience usually found at your table.

If your gatherings lean toward the casual, consider a pair of simple black leggings paired with a tunic, possibly in this season’s hot color, burgundy. Add ballet flats or low heel ankle boots to round out the look.

For a dressier affair, how about an A-line or empire-waist dress that skims – rather than hugs – your body? Dress it up with the right jewelry and some shiny heels and you’re all set.

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