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Interior Jewels


Surround yourself with items you longed for-coveted-needed.

Break open the jewelry box, sweep aside the little twirling ballerina and accessorize your life with bijou.

Decorate your home and office as you would yourself. Display your inner joie de vivre and innate style.  Express your creativity, the season and art and fashion trends.

WW_Suzy_interior_jewelry_web  (3)interior_design_piece

WW_Suzy_interior_jewelry_web  (5)suzy_interior_jewelry-dolly

Enjoy, always remembering the sage advise of Coco Chanel, “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.

The same advise applies to your jewel laden chez lounge.


We also asked our Bold friend and interior designer Katie Leede to share some of her personal pieces:

Jewelry collected in the Southwest, Tibet and Africa and displayed in a big antique wooden bowl. The more refined,  delicate jewels were designed by my client Cathy Waronker. She displays them on a tiny Chinese alter table.


WW_Katie_leede_interior_jewelry_web (5)WW_Katie_leede_interior_jewelry_web (3)


Here are also two other ways to use jewels:

1) An embroidered leading edge detail I do in my textile and interior design work that coordinates with one of the designs in my fabric line using rhinestones, beads and feathers to mimic the birds and leaves in the design
2) A pillow embroidered in India using antiqued rhinestones and metallic thread on raw silk, the design of which is aptly called “Maharaja.”


WW_Katie_leede_interior_jewelry_web (2)WW_Katie_leede_interior_jewelry_web (1) WW_Katie_leede_interior_jewelry_web (4)

The last two are a little like jewelry… To know more about Katie Leede, visit her website:

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