Lauren Hutton: Still Stylin’ after All These Years


Modeling, as we all know, is a young woman’s game. When your face is your fortune, it’s rare for your career to extend much into your thirties.

So how to explain Lauren Hutton? Discovered by Vogue’s legendary editor Diana Vreeland in 1966, she continues as one of America’s most recognizable style icons, appearing on the cover of Vogue Paris in November, 2012.

Her gap-toothed smile and relatively short stature (5’7”) did not make her obvious super model material at the time. Richard Avedon refused to shoot her until Diana Vreeland forced his hand.

She has always had an authentic personal style, effortlessly combining elements of tomboy and glamour, to create her easy, unconstructed look. Of course, she’s had more than 40 years of dressing for the camera to hone that style, but she thinks the basic rules apply to all of us: dress for yourself, don’t be afraid to experiment, pay attention to when people compliment you on what you’re wearing, and NEVER let a sales person push you into buying anything.

Lauren changed the modeling game in 1973 when, inspired by the lucrative endorsements athletes earned, she signed a deal with Revlon to be the exclusive face of their makeup line, Ultima II. That made her the first million-dollar model.

Her business savvy continues to serve her well. When she returned to modeling at the age of 46, she was unable to find make up suitable for skin her age. Recognizing a market niche that was being neglected by the major cosmetic firms, she created her own line, which has expanded over the years.

From deep sea diving to trekking through the African bush to motorcycle riding to posing nude for Big Magazine at age 61, Lauren has often embraced the precepts our publisher, Suzy, lives by. She is definitely bold, audacious and unafraid. And she continues to take the motto “if not now, then when” to heart.

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