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Not Your Mother’s Fashion Week


If Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan gives you that “been there, done that” feeling, may we make some suggestions?

Stockholm, Sweden

The Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week will take place in August, 2013. In addition to seeing adventurous Swedish designers like Altewai.Saome, Stylein and Cheap Monday, you can party at The Royal Swedish Academy of Music where this year’s guest celebrities included Lady Gaga and world-renowned fashion photographer, Terry Richardson.
When in Stockholm, the superbly appointed Hotel Rival is conveniently located to the shows.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The next Fashion Week in Montreal takes place in February, 2013. While big name designers like Jean Paul Gaultier often show there, it has recently offered the opportunity to discover some of Canada’s rising stars like Annie 50 and Tavan & Mitto.

The Ritz-Carlton can provide you with an elegant refuge when the pace of the runway becomes too much.

Mumbai, India.

And obviously our favorite, India. Take a pick at Suzy’s coverage of the 2012 edition.



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