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Pop-Up Poppy | An Oxford Week in Review


Meet Poppy, a quintessential college student and  Of Wit & Will’s fashion inspiration from across the pond.

Poppy is the assistant to the Oxford Experience Summer Program, where I continue to engage my intellectual curiosity by exploring a variety of subjects for the past two summers.


What does "Pop-Up" Mean to Poppy?

I love that Poppy dresses with “wit rather than wallet”  and blends fast fashion with vintage pieces to create an individual look. Whether she’s out shopping in Bletchingdon or hitting the books at Oxford, Poppy always “pops-up” looking chic.

An Oxford week in review :

Pop-Up Poppy: Day 3 Pop-Up Poppy: Day 4Pop-Up Poppy: Day 1 Pop-Up Poppy: Day 2

More in the Oxford series :

- The Oxford Experience
- The Arrival
- Lark in London

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