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What to Wear on a Flight


Regardless of where my air travel takes me or what the weather is like in my departure city, I have hard-and-fast rules regarding what to wear on a flight. I believe airtime requires coverage, comfort and preparedness.

- Leggings: worn with a dress, tunic or under a skirt, are a must. I do not fly in jeans, given the inevitability of the “crawl.”

- A tank or shell: worn under a long-sleeve T-shirt or turtleneck. You are guaranteed variation in airflow and temperature during the flight (yes, even if you’re on your way to the tropics).

- A sweater, jacket or coat: These can be worn traditionally, backwards (cocoon), or used upside down as a blanket. Cuddling up for a nap, you know where they have been.

- Scarf: You should never leave home without this most transformative of items.

- Socks: cold feet, need I say more…

- Sunglasses: No makeup required. You will instantly cover post-flight puffiness and look chic.

Remember, you are in an airtight, climate-controlled (not by you) tube, hurling through time and space. You cannot depend on anyone but yourself when comes to personal comfort, so be prepared. You can always take items of clothing off; but if you don’t have them with you, you are out of luck.

P.S.  I never board a flight without my tiny cashmere pillow, blanket and eye mask.

Check out what celebrities wear when flying and take some tips from long-haul flying VIPs.

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